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Project goals:

  • Provide useful, up-to-date information on topics users expressed interest in (primarily speeding up their computer and protecting their private information)
  • Educate users on common technology concepts and empower them to take advantage of available technology
  • Position WinZip as a trusted expert on technology and security issues
  • Create opportunity to market WinZip products in soft-sells
  • Increase WinZip’s SEO

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Project manager responsibilities:

  • Created blog content strategy and set blog schedule
  • Hired copywriters to create blog content
  • Reviewed, edited, or wrote blog content when necessary
  • Identified opportunities for infographics, screenshots, and other design additions
  • Managed creation and scheduling of email updates that informed users about new blog content
  • Surveyed blog readers to guide strategy and improve reader experience
  • Analyzed visitor data

Top 5 blog posts by page views:

1. How to Take a Screenshot 
10,628 views – published 4/8/19

2. 5 Easy Steps to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Computer 
9,742 views – published 7/1/19

3. What to Do If You’ve Been Hacked 
6,968 views – published 2/15/19

4. Common Technology Terms You Should Know 
6,101 views – published 9/9/19

5. How to Protect Yourself from Email Phishing Scams 
6,096 views – published 10/13/19

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