Undergraduate Admissions Website Redesign

Completed in 2015. In need of updated content and a modern look to reflect UT Dallas’ cutting-edge reputation, this was a massive year-long project requiring a brand-new design, mobile compatibility, user testing, site reorganization, migration from a server-based site to WordPress, and a rehaul of over 200 pages of content, plus coordination of responsibilities between three departments: Web Services, Marketing, and the Office of Admission and Enrollment.


My role

  • Content and information lead: Planned sitemap and navigation structure; coordinated content delivery; edited content provided by admissions office; facilitated regular project meetings; coordinated project involvement with colleagues in admissions and marketing offices; coded over 40 HTML pages with content provided by admissions office; created redirect plan to ensure important links remained usable after redesign launch.
  • Usability testing lead: Helped create task list of common website actions; found and observed approx. 10 participants (prospective students and parents) to test old website; summarized findings to determine which pages or features needed improvement and which should be kept.