Hi Canva! I’m Rachel, and I’m a creative project manager.

I’m so excited to be considered for this role. And while I’m very proud of my accomplishments, I think my personal projects do a better job showing off my personality and passion for Canva than my resume (although you should definitely read that too.)

While you’re visiting, please check out my professional portfolio.

Keepsake Album

My best friend Carissa moved to Wisconsin after 7 years in Austin. I asked her closest friends to share photos and a personal letter, and printed a thirty-page album as a parting gift.

Business Logo

My boyfriend Dave is a former chef who wants to open his own restaurant. He has a wood-fire pizza oven in his backyard, and hosts tons of pizza parties for our friends. Everyone always heads home with full bellies and handmade pizza. For his birthday, I created a sticker logo in Canva for his personal pizza “business,” bought some blank pizza boxes online — and now friends take home leftovers in a fun, branded box.

“Bingo” Card

My girlfriends and I love watching – and making fun of – cheesy Lifetime movies. Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve watched over fifty together. For Christmas 2021, I created some “bingo” cards with common Lifetime movie tropes for future movie nights.